RiskScape Volcano : a volcanic hazard risk assessment model for RiskScape

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Kaye, G.D. 2007 RiskScape Volcano : a volcanic hazard risk assessment model for RiskScape. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2007/38 176 p.

Abstract: This document outlines the volcanic risk assessment model “RiskScape Volcano” developed for the RiskScape software. The model was tested by conducting multi-hazard volcanic risk assessments of population, agriculture, and infrastructure in Rotorua, New Zealand, and critical infrastructure in Mammoth Lakes, California, USA. The primary focus of this science report is to outline the design, implementation methods used to build RiskScape Volcano and undertake the risk assessments in Rotorua and Mammoth Lakes, so that RiskScape Volcano can eventually be incorporated into RiskScape. Like RiskScape, RiskScape Volcano measures risk by combining various inventory databases, volcanic hazards models, and fragility functions in a theoretical eruption scenario in a Geographic Information System (GIS) to determine estimated inventory damage. Valuation information can be added as a last step to determine financial risk if that outcome is desired. At present, the RiskScape Volcano model operates outside of the RiskScape software by utilising ArcGIS and Microsoft Excel as a suite of disparate steps that are outlined in this science report. A discussion and working plan to integrate the disparate parts of the RiskScape Volcano risk assessment engine together into one working model is provided. The goals of this science report are twofold: 1) to provide detailed background and description of the components and functionality of the RiskScape Volcano model as it has been applied to generate risk assessments in Rotorua, New Zealand and Mammoth Lakes, California, and 2) to provide sufficient design description of the prototype RiskScape Volcano model to allow future integration of the methodology into the RiskScape software. (auth)