New Zealand national tsunami signage recommendations for CDEM groups

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Tsunami Working Group. Signage Subcommittee; Johnston, D.M.; Leonard, G.S.; Downes, G.L. 2007 New Zealand national tsunami signage recommendations for CDEM groups. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2007/40 34 p.

Abstract: The need for a collaborative project to establish a nationally consistent approach to tsunami signage was identified by the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Managers' Forum in March 2007. A Tsunami Signage Subcommittee was consequently established by the Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management Tsunami Working Group to consider and make recommendations for a national standard for tsunami signage. The report makes brief comment regarding constructing and situating signs, and avoiding theft and vandalism. Summary discussion is provided of tsunami hazard including local, regional and distant source tsunami. Components of effective warning systems are given under the headings of early warning, planning and evacuation, cooperation and discussion, education, exercising and community engagement. Barriers and concerns are discussed, along with the potential for signs to exacerbate risk in certain cases if certain considerations are not made. International and national sign examples reviewed for this report are summarised in text with representative examples given as an appendix. The majority are blue and white, incorporating a common tsunami design. Recommended content for tsunami information boards is given. Regulations and standards for New Zealand district/city and Transit roads are reviewed as well as international tsunami sign standard initiatives. (auth)