Pre-event recovery planning for land-use in New Zealand : an updated methodology

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Becker, J.S.; Saunders, W.S.A.; Hopkins, L.; Wright, K.C.; Kerr, J.E. 2008 Pre-event recovery planning for land-use in New Zealand : an updated methodology. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2008/11 36 p.

Abstract: This report addresses the issue of recovery after a disaster, and presents an updated methodology for pre-event recovery planning for land-use in New Zealand. This updated methodology expands on the previous report by Becker, Saunders, & Kerr (2006) ‘Pre-event recovery planning for land use in New Zealand’. A new section on applying pre-event recovery planning is presented with three scenarios (flood, earthquake and landslide) and options for what pre-event recovery could have been undertaken. Further international examples are provided where pre-event recovery was used, as well as New Zealand examples. The methodology is aimed primarily at local authority land-use planners who deal with land-use issues on a daily basis. However, the methodology will also be useful for a range of people in professions who may be involved with recovery, including civil defence emergency management (e.g. recovery managers); resource, insurance and risk managers; land owners; lifeline utility companies and developers. The methodology is presented in the form of a flow chart allowing users to follow a comprehensive set of steps in completing the process of planning for land-use recovery. (auth)