Ion transport simulations

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Leveneur, J.; Markwitz, A. 2008 Ion transport simulations. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2008/29 37 p.

Abstract: The GNS Science Ion beam lab uses ion-optics systems and ion accelerators for various purposes. The simulations results of some of these systems are presented here using SIMION 7.0. The simulations are a good tool for the design of new systems forecasting the behaviour of ions. In particular, simulations are shown for: (1) a new focusing Einzel Lens for the ion beam deposition system, (2) a new short 200 keV focusing accelerator tube, (3) a new electrostatic quadrupole lenses focusing system for the microprobe line and (4) the ion implanters at GNS. The behaviour of ions in the ion implanter beam lines was simulated and the effects of different parameters such as mass, kinetic energy and current of the beam were taken into account. In addition, the electrostatic field simulation around the target in the ion implanter beam line allowed design of a new electron suppression system. (auth)