Repeat magnetic measurements in Antarctica, January 2006

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Hurst, A.W. 2009 Repeat magnetic measurements in Antarctica, January 2006. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2009/06 24 p.

Abstract: These measurements were part of the GNS Science programme of repeat magnetic measurements, to monitor the slow changes in the magnetic field of the earth in the New Zealand region. Measurements were made at Cape Evans and at Lake Vanda. The measurements at the former site were referenced to the Scott Base magnetic record, to calculate the 2006 magnetic field at Cape Evans. At Lake Vanda, the magnetic field was recorded for nearly four days. This record was related to the absolute measurements to provide an estimate of the magnetic field at Lake Vanda for a three-day period. This was then adjusted to a 12-month average, using the deviation of the Scott Base record over those three days from the 12-month average. (auth