Southern yellow pine drying trial at the Perry Mill

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Wallace, G.; Manning, J.; Hutchinson, E.F. 2009 Southern yellow pine drying trial at the Perry Mill. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2009/17 12 p. 

Abstract: A drying trial was undertaken on 200 southern yellow pine boards. Following kiln drying, samples were taken of each board, and sent away for subsequent drying to zero moisture content in an oven. This proved that the current mill procedure for measuring moisture contents of kiln-dried boards in incorrect. This is a matter for mill staff to redress. Post-measurement corrections were applied to the test boards. It was found that the trial mostly replicated the results obtained in a previous trial of southern yellow pine at another mill. This timber species is unlike other softwoods in that there is a very tight relationship between green moisture content and basic wood density (equivalent to specific gravity). The latter is a key parameter in explaining differential rates of drying. It is quite broad in range for southern yellow pine, and cannot be measured non-destructively. So, in addition to the usual data, acoustic measurements were made, and it was found that these could be used as proxies in estimating basic wood density. (auth/DG)