RiskScape : development of a default assets model for Hawke's Bay

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Cousins, W.J. 2009 RiskScape : development of a default assets model for Hawke's Bay. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2009/50 29 p.

Abstract: Assets models are an essential part of loss modelling but can be extremely tedious to create. Currently there is no suitable large-scale, detailed, buildings model for New Zealand. Manually creating a building-by-building model for even a medium-sized city is impracticable, hence ways of deriving such a model from relevant existing databases is receiving serious consideration. A mostly automatic procedure has been developed to generate a default buildings model from a property database that was created for taxation purposes and which has New Zealand-wide coverage. It has been implemented in Excel VBA and tested with property data from the Hawke’s Bay Region. Overall processing time is expected to be no more than a few days for a new region that is sufficiently similar to the Hawke’s Bay that the various statistical tables developed from Hawke’s Bay data can be used. Much of the processing time is absorbed by the remaining few manual steps, with the automated portions taking just 20 minutes for a portfolio of about 50,000 properties. (auth)