Tsunami duty training manual

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Gale, N.H. 2009 Tsunami duty training manual. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2009/67 135 p.

Abstract: In the event of an impending tsunami threat to New Zealand the Wellington-based GeoNet Duty Officer, with possible assistance from the Tsunami Experts Panel (TEP), will provide technical advice to MCDEM. This will involve evaluating the tsunami threat in terms of likely risk to New Zealand and, if possible, providing travel-time estimates, wave height estimates, and threat levels for regions of New Zealand. Response procedures will vary with the tsunami travel time from the source to the nearest New Zealand coastline. Generally speaking, there are three categories of tsunami that will require response: 1) local source tsunamis (travel time of 1 hour or less), 2) regional source tsunamis (travel time of 1-3 hours), and 3) distant source tsunamis (travel time more than 3 hours) have unique response procedures. This manual is an introduction to GeoNet rapid response to tsunami affecting New Zealand coasts. It is intended to provide the GeoNet Duty Officer with information to evaluate tsunami threats, so that the best possible technical advice can be provided to MCDEM in a timely manner. The manual is divided into four parts, which include an introduction and a chapter dedicated to each of the tsunami categories: local source tsunamis, regional source tsunamis, and distant source tsunamis. The latter three chapters outline the procedures for providing technical advice to MCDEM for each type of threat, potential sources of tsunami generation, and historical events. The appendices provide supplementary general information on tsunami affecting New Zealand coasts. The manual is compiled from a mixture of procedural documentation and scientific reports that have been published since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. The tsunami duty training workshop (GNS Science, January 2009) provided a useful forum for gathering additional information for this manual. The sections on historical tsunamis are compiled by Gaye Downes. (auth/DG)