Seismic instrumentation in GNS Science building at Avalon

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Uma, S.R.; Cousins, W.J.; Baguley, D.E. 2010 Seismic instrumentation in GNS Science building at Avalon Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2010/26 17 p.

Abstract: The building instrumentation project is a part of GeoNet monitoring programme funded by EQC. Under this programme a number of built-up structures (mainly buildings and bridges) are proposed to be instrumented for the purpose of monitoring their response during any significant earthquake event. The structures worth being instrumented are identified based on the distribution of seismic hazard in the country and on the significance of various types of building and bridges the response of which can influence the earthquake engineering community. Within the instrumentation project, a set of sensors comprising accelerometers, displacement transducers and a weather station (which is provided in any relevant case) are used within the instrumentation network. The data is principally recorded on a continuous mode and transferred from the site to GNS data centre through dedicated IP connection. This report gives a detailed summary of the GeoNet Building Instrumentation Programme and explains the instrumentation network installed within GNS Science building at Avalon site (Figure ES-1). The building is provided with 10 sensors including a free field sensor. All sensors are tri-axial accelerometers and are mounted at various levels in two blocks (Unit -1 and Unit-2). The data recording format is explained within the report. Recordings from Gisborne earthquake, 2007 are processed and the results are discussed. The data from the building monitoring programme are available for the public and the end users (including researchers and consultants) are expected to approach GNS to make use of the data in their studies. (auth)