New Zealand geothermal country report (2009)

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Bromley, C.J.; White, B.R. 2011 New Zealand geothermal country report (2009) Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2010/63 11 p.

Abstract: Geothermal energy development in New Zealand continued to grow during 2009. This report documents the important geothermal events, discusses national policy, progress towards targets, and the current status of geothermal energy use. The installed capacity by the end of 2009 was about 630 MWe contributing about 11% of the electricity generated. (Early in 2010 installed capacity increased by a further 163 MWe. There is approximately 470 MWe of additional geothermal capacity that is awaiting financial closure. This will occur when conducive market conditions exist. The report discusses CO2 emissions, economic trends, research and educational activities. (auth)