Hotter and deeper seismic array (HD) : field acquisition report

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Bourguignon, S.; Bannister, S.C. 2011 Hotter and deeper seismic array (HD) : field acquisition report. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2011/39 40 p.

Abstract: The “Hotter and Deeper” seismic array is part of a multi-disciplinary research program to investigate the deep geothermal resource beneath the Taupo Volcanic Zone, North Island. A dense array was deployed between mid-September 2009 and end of April 2011 to target the seismic properties in the 2—7 km depth range of a 25x35 km region including most of New Zealand’s present geothermal energy production. This seismic experiment was composed of four main deployment phases, during which a total of 40 seismic stations were installed to achieve an average 4—7 km station spacing. A maximum of 29 stations recorded at a time from February through to April 2011. Seismographs were configured in continuous mode to record ambient noise and earthquakes. Thirty-one stations were equipped with broadband seismometers Guralp 30 s or 60 s CMG-40Ts and Nanometrics Trillium Compacts. Other stations were equipped with Lennartz Le-3D Lite 1 s short-period seismometers. This report describes the seismic data acquisition phase of this seismic experiment, as well as outlining the past experiments in the region, the data from which will be included in the analysis. (auth)