COMCOT : a tsunami generation, propagation and run-up model

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Wang, X.; Power W.L. 2011 COMCOT : a tsunami generation, propagation and run-up model. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2011/43 121 p.

Abstract: COMCOT is the abbreviation of Cornell Multi-grid Coupled Tsunami model. This tsunami modelling package is developed to study the entire life-span of tsunami, including its generation, propagation, run-up and inundation. The model uses a modified leap-frog finite difference scheme to solve shallow water equations in both Spherical and Cartesian Coordinates. A two-way nested grid algorithm, dynamically coupled up to multiple levels, is implemented in the model to account for the variation of length scales of tsunami during its evolutions in different regions. Multiple tsunami generation mechanisms have also been developed in order to investigate tsunami from a variety of sources. COMCOT has been under development and validation since early 1990’s at Cornell University, USA. Its latest version has been developed by Dr. Xiaoming Wang at the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Science (GNS Science), New Zealand, with his earlier work at Cornell University as well as contributions from other researchers. This document introduces the theoretical background of the numerical model, however, focuses on the parameter configuration, data preparation, input and output of the model and illustrates in detail how to use the package for tsunami simulations. (auth)