Investigation into the thermal conductivity of pumice

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Mroczek, S.; Armstrong, J. 2014 Investigation into the thermal conductivity of pumice. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2012/15 14 p.

Abstract: Thermal conductivity of a soil usually cannot be empirically obtained, while factors such as moisture content and density can be measured, estimated or calculated. An investigation was carried out to determine the relationships between bulk density, moisture content and thermal conductivity for fine pumice. The thermal conductivity was measured for a range of moisture levels at constant density, and a range of densities at constant moisture content, using material of the same composition and texture. A linear relationship was observed between bulk density and thermal conductivity at a constant moisture level. A positive trend was observed between percentage moisture and thermal conductivity at constant density. Although, moisture content has a larger effect on thermal conductivity compared to the effect of density. The relationship between these two properties in the form of moisture content in the effective pore volume is identified to be the underlying variable affecting thermal conductivity. A logarithmic trend was observed between the pore moisture and thermal conductivity. (auth)