A revised catalogue of Ruapehu volcano eruptive activity : 1830-2012

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Scott, B.J. 2013 A revised catalogue of Ruapehu volcano eruptive activity : 1830-2012. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2013/45 107 p.

Abstract: In recent years considerably more interest has been taken in aspects of the hazards presented by volcanic eruptions and the risk to people who may be affected by the eruptions. Several works have used statistical approaches to look at these problems. A significant shortfall of these studies is the completeness of eruption catalogues. This report presents a new look at eruptive activity at Ruapehu and attempts to create a more complete catalogue of activity. The major focus has been on extracting eruption observations from historic newspaper collections (1861 to 1960), detailed unpublished scientific reports, published papers, parliamentary reports and popular writings. The focus has been on filling the gaps between the larger and more significant events that previous compilations have recorded. Many aspects of small scale activity remain unreported. The eruption activity catalogue is now made up of observations of activity on 603 days since 1830. Five scales of eruptive active are defined and several periods of enhanced activity, lasting from one year eight months to over seven years are now recognised at Ruapehu. The long term eruption recurrence rate using all the data (post 1830) for scale 3 and above events is 1.79 events per year, while using post 1940 data this is 4.00 events per year. The 1945, 1966-1982 and 1995-1996 eruptive activity strongly influence this result. When the 1945 and 1995-1996 activity is excluded the annual eruption recurrence rate for scale 3 and above events is 0.49 events per year. (auth)