Incorporation of hydraulic properties in three-dimensional geological models

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Tschritter, C.; Cameron, S.G.; White, P.A. 2014 Incorporation of hydraulic properties in three-dimensional geological models. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2013/53 25 p.

Abstract: GNS Science is currently developing a simplified three-dimensional geological model of the Upper Waikato River catchment for Waikato Regional Council (WRC). This report discusses the extension of the geological model by linking hydraulic properties with the geological formations defined in the geological model. In such a manner, a better understanding of the distribution of hydraulic properties in the Upper Waikato River catchment is achieved and information is provided that will assist in the development of more precise groundwater flow models. The model area (4847 km2) comprises 18 geological units compiled from WRC’s extensive lithological well database, QMAP data and published literature. The purpose of the geological model is to provide a three-dimensional visualisation of geological units that are important for aquifer characterisation, as well as providing a geological framework for groundwater flow modelling. The geological model used is currently preliminary, as all available geological information has not yet been integrated. Therefore, this report focuses on the methodologies used to provide additional data, compares the results with existing data and links all data with the geological model. (auth)