Envirolink Tools Project : capture zone delineation. Technical report

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Moreau, M.; Cameron, S.G.; Daughney, C.J.; Gusyev, M.A.; Tschritter, C. 2014 Envirolink Tools Project : capture zone delineation. Technical report. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science GNS Science report 2013/57 91 p.

Abstract: For regional authorities to effectively manage land and water resources, they require information on how land use will affect the quality of water bodies. Key to this understanding is knowledge of the area of land from which a water body, or feature, receives its water – the capture zone (CZ) or time-dependent protection zone (PZ) – and potential contamination sources within these areas. Two documents have been prepared to assist in the delineation of the CZ and PZ for a range of features that receive inflow from groundwater: wells, springs, and groundwater-fed lakes and wetlands, collectively referred to hereafter as hydrogeological features (streams, rivers and features that do not receive inflow from groundwater are not considered in this study). The guideline document leads the user through the process of deciding which method(s) are suitable for CZ and PZ delineation to meet their needs. It also provides equations and resources to undertake delineation. The technical document (this document) provides a literature review covering: CZ and PZ terminology; criteria, methods and thresholds for delineation; the treatment of associated uncertainty; and example New Zealand case studies. (auth)