A sectoral level interdependencies model for critical infrastructure

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Buxton, R.; McDonald, G.; Fenwick, T.; Mieler, D.H. 2016 A sectoral level interdependencies model for critical infrastructure. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2015/29. ii, 13 p.

Abstract: GNS Science has been researching interdependencies between critical infrastructure systems since 2010. Most of the model development work has concentrated on modelling techniques that allow the modellers to simulate infrastructure outages at a "major component" level. Interdependencies modelling work at GNS started with a novel Bayesian Belief Network approach to develop a system model capturing the causal structure of the interactions at a high level [1]. More recent developments have concentrated on agent based simulations. There has long been a need for an interdependency modelling approach aimed at filling a gap between the crude matrix based approaches and the very detailed engineering based approaches. The sectoral level model described herein is an initial attempt to inhabit this space. (auth)