The Hikurangi Margin Coastal Radiocarbon Age Database

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Dowling, L.H.; Clark, K.J.; Howarth, J.D.; Litchfield, N.J.; Cochran, U.A. 2018 The Hikurangi Margin Coastal Radiocarbon Age Database. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2018/03. 14 p.; doi: 10.21420/G2Q35J

Abstract: The Hikurangi Margin Coastal Radiocarbon Age Database is a GIS database containing published and unpublished radiocarbon ages from coastal sites along the Hikurangi Margin, from Kaikōura Peninsula to East Cape, New Zealand. This report provides a description of all the data fields in the database and a full bibliography of publication sources for the database. Almost all radiocarbon dates in the database were collected to provide a constraint on the timing of coastal earthquakes or for the longer-term uplift or subsidence rates along the Hikurangi Margin. The database has been designed to allow easy extraction of conventional radiocarbon ages to facilitate the recalibration of ages as updated calibration curves and/or marine reservoir correction values become available. Currently the database has 701 entries from 369 locations. It is intended that as new radiocarbon ages are acquired they are routinely added to the database. The database consists of three ArcGIS shapefiles that relate to (1) marine terraces, (2) coastal waterbodies, (3) transgressive deposits. The Hikurangi Margin Coastal Radiocarbon Age Database has been compiled using radiocarbon dated material to better understand the spatial and temporal patterns of tectonic deformation along the Hikurangi subduction zone. (auth)