Implementation of the GNS Science Canterbury Seismic Hazard Model in OpenQuake

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Van Houtte, C.; Abbott, E.R. 2019 Implementation of the GNS Science Canterbury Seismic Hazard Model in OpenQuake. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2019/11. 38 p.; doi: 10.21420/1AEM-PZ85


The Canterbury Seismic Hazard Model (CSHM) quantifies the expected future ground shaking in the Canterbury region, given the initiation of the Canterbury earthquake sequence in 2010. The model comprises a time-dependent background and fault source model, a source model logic tree and a ground motion characterisation logic tree. These logic trees were derived from expert elicitation workshops. The CSHM has been previously implemented in a GNS Science-developed Fortran code, and with the OpenSHA software. This report describes efforts to implement the CSHM in the open-source OpenQuake software, which is a product from the Global Earthquake Model (GEM). It is not the intention of this implementation to replicate the GNS Science Fortran or OpenSHA implementations. Instead, this OpenQuake implementation differs from previous implementations, particularly where there were practical issues in forward application. Specifically, the logic tree for the ground motion characterisation has been modified to allow outputs to be obtained using standard software. Other modifications have been made where there have been recent advances in ground motion modelling and site characterisation. The input files for this implementation have be provided to GEM, and a variety of users will be able to obtain their desired outputs using OpenQuake versions ≥ 3.4. (auth)