Tsunami threat level database update

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Gusman AR, Wang X, Power WL, Lukovic B, Mueller C, Burbidge DR. 2019. Tsunami threat level database update. Lower Hutt (NZ): GNS Science. 110 p. (GNS Science report; 2019/67). doi:10.21420/QM31-NA61.

GNS Science had previously developed a tsunami scenario database with threat level maps for New Zealand from earthquake sources around the Pacific Ocean that can be used for tsunami early warning purposes. Here we describe the method and assumptions used to create an updated version of the database. One of the main improvements is that we have greatly increased the number of scenarios in the new database. Scenarios now exist down to lower magnitudes for all source zones and we have included subduction zones near New Zealand in the database for the first time. The fault parameters for all scenarios have been updated based on the latest subduction interface models. Finally, we have also saved more data from each scenario than previously, including the tsunami travel times and tsunami waveforms at the existing set of DART and tide gauge stations. These changes more than doubled the size of the database, from 336 scenarios to 723 scenarios, and provide much more information about each of them. The addition of the new saved outputs will allow more information to be used to constrain the best choice of threat map during an event and can also be used to provide additional information to emergency managers if needed. (auth)