Earthquake simulator hazard: Natural Hazards Research Platform

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Richards-Dinger K, Fry B, Gerstenberger MC, Williams CA. 2019. Earthquake simulator hazard: Natural Hazards Research Platform. Lower Hutt (NZ): GNS Science. 7 p. (GNS Science report; 2019/78). doi:10.21420/509X-PM49.

Under the National Hazards Research Platform (NHRP) contract 2019-GNS-04-NHRP, we work collaboratively with Keith Richards-Dinger (University of California, Riverside), to produce a large scale model of multiple earthquake cycles in New Zealand based on simple physical relations describing the way stresses are transferred to faults and result in earthquakes. As a proof of concept, we use basic physical descriptions (rate-state equations) of the rate-dependent strength of New Zealand faults to create 100,000 virtual years generating over 8 million virtual earthquakes. We then analyse the way these earthquakes interact. Lastly, we continue with the proof of concept and generate hazard maps. We emphasize the early state of this work and caution that significant testing and subsequent iterative optimisation of the model must be performed before the results can be used in practice. (auth)