Mapping natural hazards and risk for land-use planning for district plans

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Kelly SD, Saunders WSA, Payne B, Mathieson J. 2020. Mapping natural hazards and risk for land-use planning for district plans. Lower Hutt (NZ): GNS Science. 52 p. (GNS Science report; 2020/20.). doi:10.21420/4FQ8-1P24.

Maps can play a critical role to the identification and communication of risk, and those associated with regional and district plans are among the most commonly referred to parts of a plan. However, currently there is no coordinated or regulated consistency for regional or district plan maps produced by local authorities under the Resource Management Act 1991. This study undertook a detailed review of international and national literature and practice on mapping, including the identification of key features of maps, mapping uncertainty in natural hazards and risk and international examples of coordinated mapping approaches from the European Union and New South Wales, Australia. In reviewing mapping within New Zealand’s planning framework, historical requirements under the Town and Country Planning Act 1953 and Town and Country Planning Act 1977 are outlined, and examples of current practice under the Resource Management Act 1991 from Christchurch, Dunedin and Thames-Coromandel are provided. The National Planning Standards, which came into effect in May 2019, are considered throughout; however, these do not make mapping requirements that specifically relate to natural hazards and risk. It is considered that there would be value in including a natural hazard and risk mapping standard in further development of the National Planning Standards, drawing on existing guidance and publications or consolidating existing guidance and publications into one document. This should be underpinned by a risk-based approach, consider recently adopted approaches relating to mapping and managing uncertainty, provide guidance on ‘overlapping’ hazards and consider how the policy framework can support the maps. (auth)