Machine learning for decision support systems

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Buxton R, Behr Y, Miller CA, Christophersen A. 2020. Machine learning for decision support systems. Lower Hutt (NZ): GNS Science. 25 p. (GNS Science report; 2020/31). doi:10.21420/EJ5J-6K71.

In early 2020 the GNS Executive Management Team made available $500k of SSIF funding to support Data Science research. The newly formed Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics team proposed several research projects that could utilise the funding and provide useful research outputs within the challenging timeframe available (to June 2020). Two of the supported projects had a strong volcanic hazard theme. The project discussed herein covers two main streams of research. Firstly, the investigation of approaches suitable for future development of a Volcanic Hazard Decision Support System (DSS). Secondly, a collaboration with Callaghan Innovation to study “Trust” in Artificial Intelligence and Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI). Both streams have in common that they attempt to produce machine learning models that allow end-users to understand and interpret model outputs. This sequence of work will continue into the next financial year and it is anticipated that learnings from each research stream will allow some consolidation and refinement of aims moving forward. (auth)