Volcanic hazards at Egmont volcano (1st ed)

VHIS1 (1st ed)
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Neall, V.E.; Alloway, B.V. 1991 Volcanic hazards at Egmont volcano. [Palmerston North, NZ]: Ministry of Civil Defence. Volcanic hazards information series 1. 31 p.

Abstract: The western 1500 km2 of Taranaki is a volcanic landscape that has been constructed from the products of volcanic eruptions principally derived from Mt Taranaki/Egmont (hereafter referred to as Egmont Volcano). Egmont Volcano last erupted about 200 years ago at the culmination of 8 eruptions in the preceding 300 years. Deposits around the base of the Volcano record intermittent volcanic activity at this site for the last 130,000 years. Whilst the eruptions have not occurred at regular intervals there has been a moderate or major sized eruption on average every 340 years with numerous smaller events at more frequent intervals. There is therefore no evidence to suggest Egmont Volcano has finally ceased erupting and has become extinct. Rather it must be regarded as an active volcano in a state of quiescence and is one of a number of volcanoes in New Zealand where future eruptions are to be expected. Egmont Volcano is of the "slumbering" type that could begin renewed activity in the next 100 years. This booklet is designed to acquaint you with the types of volcanic hazards that have been recognised at this volcano, their expected distribution and what care you con take in the event of a volcanic emergency. Simplified hazard maps are presented based on the known prior behaviour of the Volcano and the distribution and frequency of each volcanic hazard. Whilst we currently have no scientific evidence for an imminent eruption, you can be fully informed about what to do in the event of a future eruption. (auths)

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