Volcanic hazards at the Auckland volcanic field

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Smith, I.E.M.; Allen, S.R. 1993 Volcanic hazards at the Auckland volcanic field. Wellington: Ministry of Civil Defence. Volcanic hazards information series 5. 34 p.

 Abstract: Volcanoes are aconspicous feature of the Auckland city landscape. In some cases their form is emphasized as reserves and parks, while in others they have been quarried to meet the city's demand for building materials. Within a radius of about 20km centred on Auckland city there are 49 discrete volcanoes; this is the area referred to as the Auckland volcanic field. This booklet is concerned with the nature of Auckland's volcanoes and with what may happen when the next volcanic eruption occurs in the field. The risk of this happening is small but significant and since there is likely to be only a very short warning period when it does occur it is important to be prepared. (auths)


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