Volcanic hazards at Mayor Island

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Houghton, B.F.; Wilson, C.J.N.; Weaver, S.D.; Lanphere, M.A.; Barclay, J. 1995 Volcanic hazards at Mayor Island. [Palmerston North, NZ]: Ministry of Civil Defence. Volcanic hazards information series 6. 23 p.

 Abstract: Mayor Island is perhaps the most unusual of New Zealand's volcanoes. Despite its strikingly uniform composition of magma, Mayor Island's history includes virtually the full range of known eruption styles over a wide range of eruption sizes. Mayor Island is the visible portion of a 700m high, 15km wide shield volcano, The island is dominated by the 3 km-wide caldera collapse crater and yet contains numerous vents active in 3 cycles of eruptions over the last 130 000 years. Over this period at least 52 eruptions have been recorded from the island. The diversity of eruption styles and sizes causes problems in defining comprehensive eruption scenarios. The majority of Mayor Island eruptions are small in size, by world standards and would pose few threats beyond the island. Only renewed volcanism equivalent to the largest known pre-historic eruption would cause risk to the mainland in the form of tsunami (tidal waves), and pumice and ash fall. (auth)

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