Geology of the Tongariro National Park area

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Townsend, D.B.; Leonard, G.S.; Conway, C.E.; Eaves, S.R.; Wilson, C.J.N. (compilers) 2017 Geology of the Tongariro National Park area. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science geological map 4. 1 sheet + 109 p., scale 1:60,000

 Abstract: This new geological map is welcomed as a major addition to our knowledge of Tongariro National Park World Heritage Area. Tongariro National Park (TNP) emcompasses a spectacular, active and diverse volcanic landscape. WIth the summit peaks between 1967and 2797 metres above sea level, the volcanoes stand high above the surrounding land creating a striking visual presence with strong spiritual, physical, recreational and aesthetic asociations. These associations are augmented by small glaciers on Ruapehu and seasonal snow, which the map shows have had an influence on the landscape in the past far greater than most people realise. TNP contains one of the most active composite volcano complexes in the world. It has a wide diversity of mainly volcanic landforms brought about by powerful processes of volcanism and erosion over a time period of almost a million years. The map provides novel and fundamental insights into these processes and landforms. (auth)

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